When Mercedes meets Benz

Emil Jellinek-Mercedes and Carl Benz: here are two men who, like the Rolls-Royce's fathers, whose models are also available for rental at MB Premium – have done well to combine their talents! In 1926, they created the brand with the star, which reached the top of luxury automobiles. Now you can also reach the top, by renting a Mercedes in Cannes!

From renting a Mercedes ML to renting a CLA 220

The German brand is very highly thought of by car drivers all over the world because it constantly innovates and diversifies its creations. You can see this with the MB Premium range available for rental: in Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Nice or Paris. Get into the Mercedes ML, the Mercedes SL, the E-Class Sedan or the CLA 220!

Rent the Mercedes Viano Avantgarde with chauffeur thanks to MB Premium

And if you are not traveling alone or for your transfer to the airport from Cannes or Nice, MB Premium gives you the opportunity to rent the Mercedes Viano Avantgarde – it combines convenience to luxury!