McLaren, from Kiwi to High Tea – McLaren as a British brand

Nowadays McLaren alludes to the luxury made in Britain, however the man who built it up was from New Zealand. Car aficionados would recognize the reference to the very famous Formula 1 race driver Bruce McLaren, who was in 1937 in Auckland. He created the car brand which bears his name. Renting a McLaren in Cannes is like bringing history to life from New Zealand to France!

Your McLaren MP4-12C Spider rental in Cannes

After a few years the McLaren Group had become a jewel of the world automobile industry, as it was present on every field. First in Formula 1 with legends such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost or Lewis Hamilton, but also with elite sport cars. Elite is such a weak term for describing this car brand and you will realize it with the McLaren MP4-12C Spider rental in Cannes!

For a remarkable event or even for your own pleasure, the McLaren rental rules over all!

MB Premium allows you to discover the British brand in Cannes, but also in Monaco, Nice, Saint-Tropez and Paris. Alone or with another person, get in the car and be ready to know what real pleasure is all about.